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Dear Fellow Hardcore Bodybuilder,

Tell me… what is YOUR reason? You know… what motivates you to eat clean, choke down protein shakes, spend your hard earned cash on supplements, and to sacrifice your time with family and friends so you can work extra hard in the gym?

Everyone has their own reason… what's yours? Is it that you want to be stronger than you look? Perform better for a sport? Or is it to gain that “automatic respect” of beautiful women and their boyfriends when you hit the beach? Well, I’ll tell you this… and hear me out because it might be one of the most important “knowledge nugget” you ever hear when it comes to looking AND performing better, regardless of the sport you are in…

Leaner Athletes Perform Better, Look Better,
And They Get “Automatic Respect”!
(even if they don’t deserve it)

Arnold explained in one of his interviews back in the day that when he lost just 10 pounds of fat, all his training partners at Gold’s accused him of gaining weight! The reason is simple... because when you lose just a small portion of your total weight in fat (around 5%) yet maintain your muscle size... you’ll actually look heavier and stronger!

For example: A “so-so hard” 200 pound guy who loses 5% of his weight in fat would now weigh a shredded 190 yet he would look (and perform) like he weighs 210... a staggering 20 pound increase in the appearance of muscle... wow!

And no matter what your “sport” is… bodybuilding, powerlifting, MMA fighting, cycling, swimming, dancing at the night club… every athlete in every weight class benefits from a high muscle to weight ratio. In other words, the more strength and power you have relation to your bodyweight, the faster you can run, harder you can hit, and the more weight you can lift… regardless of your weight class.

And here’s something else to consider. No matter what you’re “body type” is; it’s easier to lose 10 pounds of fat... than to build 10 pounds of muscle, a lot easier!

Make No Mistake… Ampagen's Amazing Thermogenic & Intense Mind-Altering Actions Make You Work Harder And Get You Shredded!

So obviously, the fastest way to alter your appearance is to lose fat. And considering there are about 6 billion various thermogenic agents on the market... it’s easy to see they are a popular option.

But let’s get real for a second here. All thermos (including Ampagen™) can be catabolic to muscle... so unless you are taking a decent anabolic and maintaining a high protein intake... 4–5 pounds of valuable muscle mass will be lost along with the 10–15 pounds of fat! And to take it a step further, unless you change your eating and training habits for good, the 10-15 pound weight loss is only temporary.

With all that said, it’s still easy to see how Ampagen™ is a powerful supplement that can get you a leaping head start to life-changing, long term results in just a few short cycles… or, you can use it for a short term “cleaning up” of your physique!

And, because of the explosive mind-blowing intensity that Ampagen™ can produce... you’re likely to see an immediate 10% increase in strength and power… plus your metabolic rate will accelerate even more!

So, if you’re smart, you’ll be sure to take Ampagen™ in moderation; start with a low dose and not use more than you need. This is NOT your grandma’s fat burner. If you’re really smart, you’ll make sure to clean up your diet and “stack” Ampagen™ with a strong anabolic agent and good gosh…

You'll Look Like a Completly New Person...
All Ripped to Pieces!

Beware… Ampagen™ works fast! Its powerful effects are almost instantaneous as your body “heats up” to burn fat and your intensity level will be through the roof as you go gangbusters in the gym!

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